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Riviera Pest and Falconry covers all aspects of pest control in both domestic and commercial properties in Devon.

Squirrel Control

Grey Squirrels are another pest that can cause serious damage to properties. They are also responsible for serious damage to our forests and the impact they have on our wildlife. They chew rafters and electrical wiring in lofts as well as using the insulation to make Dreys (Nests). They are very noisy when inside especially in the hours leading up to daybreak. Grey Squirrels have a silver-grey coat with a white underside and a brownish face. They moult their coat twice a year – once after winter and then in the late summer before the weather gets colder again. They average around 25cm in length, with a very bushy tail almost the same length of the body. They have a pointed nose with long whiskers, big eyes and small ears. Grey Squirrels usually have two litters a year, in early spring and summer and typically have three to seven kittens. Pregnancy (gestation) lasts roughly 44 days, with the young weaned at seven weeks and ready to leave the Drey at 10 weeks old. Kittens are born with closed eyes, no teeth and no hair. After about seven weeks they look like small versions of their parents and are ready to leave the Drey. Female squirrels can live up to five years, with male squirrels averaging around two-three years.

TREATMENT: Proofing is the desired method to stopping them from gaining access to properties. Unfortunately, they often have to be dispatched as being a non-native species it is illegal for anyone in the UK to release a Squirrel back into the wild. If trapping is done then only authorised humane traps are used.