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Riviera Pest and Falconry covers all aspects of pest control in both domestic and commercial properties in Devon.

Moth Control

There are over 2000 species of Moths in the UK and all are harmless apart from a few species that are regarded as pests due to the damage they cause. This pest also seeks out the Keratin in natural materials and damage to carpets, soft furnishings and clothing can be expensive. The first thing most people notice is the damage caused to clothes, fabrics or carpets but there are other
indicators of a moth infestation:

  • Small maggot like larvae
  • Silken cases in which the moth larvae live
  • Pupae (silk cocoons) from which larvae emerge as adult moths
  • Adult moths that are often crawling rather than flying

A proactive approach to regular cleaning/vacuuming will reduce the risk of an infestation but if you are finding damage especially in dark secluded areas and under furniture then the infestation has already taken hold. Professional treatment will consist of a spray treatment or fumigation to eradicate the
problem. Monitoring for future problems with Pheromone traps is another approach to containing them.