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Riviera Pest and Falconry covers all aspects of pest control in both domestic and commercial properties in Devon.

Flea Control

Fleas are a common pest in the Uk and are not just a problem for pet owners. Fleas also live on other animals like Hedgehogs, Foxes and Squirrels. The main issue with Fleas is the fact they are blood feeders and so bite their hosts for blood to feed on. This can cause irritaion and rashes and not a pleasant situation to be in. There are 3 main species of Flea in the UK with Cat Fleas the most prevelant although it is not unusual to have Dog Fleas. Cat Fleas will live off most animals and the likely pest you will experience on pets in the home. Adult Cat fleas are approximately 2mm in length, wingless and have flattened bodies (enabling them to move easily through fur) and vary in colour from grey to dark brown. A female Flea can live up to 2 years and lay over 1000 eggs in her lifetime. Once a female Flea has taken a blood feed it instigates an egg laying session which can result in around 40 eggs being laid in a day. These eggs are loose and can fall off hosts onto carpets/furnishings etc. Eggs will hatch after around 2 weeks (dependant on conditions) into small larvae which are around 5mm in length. The larvae go through a number of moults until they pupate after around 3 weeks. The pupae normally emerge in around 2-3 weeks and are stimulated by vibration but can lay dormant for up to a year if no hosts are present.

TREATMENT: Due to the life cycle of the Flea a residual insecticide is used which will stay active for a number of weeks. This is the most effective means to eradicate an infestation. Shop bought remedies (sprays and bombs) are not very effective as they have little residual component. Treatment takes around an hour to complete and re-entry into the property is usually achieved within 4 hours.