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Carpet Beetle Control

If you are finding damage to your carpets then its likely you have a Carpet Beetle infestation. Although carpets are the main area you find them they can also be found in clothes and other textiles that have the natural protein Keratin in it like Wool, Feathers, Curtains and a lot of clothing. The adult Carpet Variegated Carpet Beetle is approx 3-4mm long and has a varigated colouring across its body. It can be found outside in gardens and feeds on pollen and nectar of garden flowers. It lays its eggs in fabric or material found in buildings, it also frequently lays eggs in old birds nests in the lofts of buildings. It is the larvae from these eggs that do the damage. They feed on feathers, fur, hair, or wool and will migrate from roofs into household rooms and so attact the fabrics within. The larvae are small (approx 4mm), covered in brown hairs, and generally roll up when disturbed. As they grow, they moult – and the old cast-off skins may be the first sign of infestation. Adults are often
seen in April, May and June, seeking egg-laying sites; and the grubs are most active in October before they hibernate. Carpet Beetles don’t bite but the hairs on the larvae can inflict a rash if touched.

TREATMENT: a thorough survey to find the nest site and a spray treatment with a suitable insecticide approved for Carpet Beetles. Interim treatment consists of regular vacuuming.