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Riviera Pest and Falconry covers all aspects of pest control in both domestic and commercial properties in Devon.

Ant Control

There are a number of species of Ants in the UK with the Black Garden Ant being the most common. Ants will enter properties in search of food and will carry it back to the food store in the nest. In doing so they will leave behind a Pheromone to act as a marker to other Ants. Nests will generally be in the garden but can also be found deep in the foundations or cavities of buildings so are inaccessible. The Queen will always remain in the nest and continually lay eggs to expand the colony. She can live for up to 15 years so colonies can become extremely large if not controlled. A number of times a year new Queens and Drones (male Ant)d emerge which are winged. These will swarm in the air to mate and is a common sight during the summer. The Drones will die after mating and the Queens will land, lose their wings and start to set up their own colony.

TREATMENT: Controlling Ants can be a difficult process as the Queen can be deep underground and it is her that needs to be eradicated to gain control. Ant powders/sprays will kill Ants above ground but have little effect in killing the nest and in a lot of cases can have a detrimental effect as colonies can become stressed and split.